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About Us

Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion



The main task of the Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion is to train interdisciplinary professionals who are well-equipped in both leisure industry and health promotion. The Department combines the leisure and tourism field with health sciences to train high-end professionals and researchers of both fields in response to the demand for health and safety professionals of the global tourism market. The Department adheres to educational objectives, simplified as “I.C.R.T.” (Innovation, Communication, Respect, and Teamwork), cultivating students’ expertise in tourism and health science. With a holistic perspective towards health care, the Department provides students with diverse, interdisciplinary courses that combine theory and practice, to help them obtain relevant licenses in leisure and health promotion.



  1. The course design integrates various disciplines including tourism, leisure, and health promotion, to provide students with a multi-faceted learning experience.
  2. The Department provides specialized classrooms for travel emergency, travel situated simulations, and pottery, to allow students to gain more practical experience and develop a competitive edge in future career building. 
  3. The Department organizes symposiums and seminars regularly for professionals to exchange ideas regarding the latest trends in the field of tourism and health sciences, enhancing students’ expertise and helping them develop a global mindset.