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Admission Q & A

Admission Q & A

  1. Can a student with an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field apply to the Graduate Institute of Tourism and Health Science?

A:Sure! Graduate Institute of Tourism and Health Science is basically a research institute that integrates tourism and health science related disciplines. Tourism and health science are composed of diverse elements, which include history, geography, social science, culture, language, psychology, public health, nursing, and health management, etc. Therefore, students with a degree in the aforementioned courses are able to pursue further studies in this multi-integrated graduate institute.


  1. How to apply to Graduate Institute of Tourism and Health Science?

A:Students can apply to this graduate institute through recommendation or admission examination. Special admission for recommended students has a quota of 10 people, and qualified candidates include people in the industry and those who have outstanding working ability and experiences. It would be better if you also hold related certificates. Admission examination has a quota of 9 people. Subjects of the preliminary admission examination include English, Statistics or General Psychology (one out of two), General Concept of Tourism or Public Health (one out of two). Then, through oral examination, qualified applicants will be selected.


  1. How is the employment situation of the graduates over the years?

A:The graduates of this institution have sought great job opportunities in different career fields, such as travel agency, airline company, hotel, nursing home, hospital, public institutions, school departments, and other industrial and commercial units. Some have also gone abroad to further their studies.


  1. What is the pedagogical orientation of the Graduate Institute of Tourism and Health Science?

A:The institution’s pedagogical orientation focuses on the integration of knowledge, development of interest, independent study and critical thinking. The curriculum can be divided into four major course axes: HIGH, H for Health travel, I for Instruction travel, G for Green travel, and H for Hot Spring travel.